Vera Komnig

It's a new dawn, it's a new day (2018)

52,2x85x0,4 in ~ Malerei, Acryl ~ Baumwolle

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Acrylic on unstretched canvas.

No matter what lies behind us: it's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a day full of possibilities and surprises which lies ahead like a promise of luck.

This is a painting on unstretched primed mixed fabric, uniform, medium structure, 370g / m2. The painting has intentionally no white border and is full frame painted, as in the photos visible.

The wild, untamed impression is best expressed when the canvas is brought "pure" to the wall but you can frame it, stretch it or hang it unframed on the wall.

When you stretch it on stretcher bars the size will be ca. 8- max 10 cm smaller in the height and width like simulated in the second foto on the left side.

The fully painted format is 132.5x 216 cm
When you stretch it the painting format will be about 123x 206 cm.

The painting comes carefully packed in a secure tube.

I love to "break" the surface and therefore some colors- especially the color white- are made with special painting medium, to give a crack effect. Color cracks are where they appear, absolutely wanted by me. The resulting cracks are protected by a double varnish application. The color can not peel off.

All my paintings are made with joy, passion and high quality colors and finally sealed with UV protection. So you always have untroubled enjoyment of bright, radiant colors. The images are also easy to clean with a slightly damp cloth, if that is necessary.


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