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Man muss noch Chaos in sich haben... (2018)

47,6x63 in ~ Malerei, Acryl

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Original Painting: Acrylic on unstretched Canvas.

Inspired by a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche: "Man muss noch Chaos in sich haben um einen tanzenden Stern zu gebären."

Translated: "You still have to have chaos in yourself to give birth to a dancing star."

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche was a German classical philologist and philosopher. (1844-1900)

This is a painting on unstretched primed mixed fabric, uniform, medium structure, 370g / m2. The painting has intentionally no white border and is full frame painted, as in the photos visible.
You must either frame it, or hang it unframed on the wall. You can also mount the canvas on a alu dibond board that you can put on the wall.
The wild, untamed impression is best expressed when the canvas is brought "pure" to the wall.

The picture is sent carefully wrapped and rolled in a tube

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