Vera Komnig

No. 406 (2017) Verkauft

39,4x47,2x1,5 in ~ Malerei, Acryl


SOLD in the USA- Iowa

Acrylic painting on canvas
Ready to hang

Inspired by the current refugee disaster, all the suffering, the prejudices, the fears, saying there, it would come harm to the countries that offer the refugees a new home ... it is also possible that the new cultures are an enrichment in all its various colors and good grows out of what is happening precisely in many countries in the world.

One thing seems certain to me anyway, to talk with the Somali poet Warsan Shire: "Parents put their child only in a boat when it is safer at sea than on land"

Artists stretcher frame: Frame thickness: 38 mm.
Heavy, high quality canvas, 380gr/ m2. Triple priming with acrylic Gesso, acid free.
Sides are painted to exhibit the finished painting without the need of an additional frame.
All my paintings are sealed with premium acrylic final varnish from Lascaux.

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