Vera Komnig

Sakura (2019)

37,8x46,9 in ~ Malerei, Acryl

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Painting: Acrylic on Paper.

Acrylic and oilcrayon on paper
Without Passepartout

The Japanese cherry blossom (Japanese 桜sakura) is one of the most important symbols of Japanese culture. It stands for beauty, departure and transience (mono no aware). The time of cherry blossom marks a high point in the Japanese calendar and the beginning of spring.

That’s what Wikipedia says.

I can tell that the Cherry Blossom season is not only a highlight of the Japanese calendar, but also a treat for my spring joy. Hach, how do I revel in the sight of these pink flowers.Even the gray asphalt of the big cities looks so much more romantic and enchanted. A homage to all the wonderful cherry blossoms in the world: Sakura.

Framing is required as desired.

All my paintings are made with joy, passion and high quality colors and finally sealed with UV protection. So you always have untroubled enjoyment of bright, radiant colors. The images are also easy to clean with a slightly damp cloth, if that is necessary.


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